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What cries " unmanned company children " ?
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"Unmanned company children " be civil aviaton is outspread in recent years service content, a characteristic that rolls out to make children can seize the opportunity to travel alone serves. Alleged " unmanned company children " the department shows the age arrives in 5 one full year of life

Of 12 one full year of life accompany without the adult, the children that seizes the opportunity alone. Roll out oneself " unmanned company children " since the service, our country each are big airline is already safe carried several children, went to the lavatory greatly those

Because the job is busy cannot extricate oneself, and the parent that the child must take a plane to travel again, managing the traffic expenses that parent company children goes out, get thereby the accord of social all circles reputably. Annual cold summer vacation, yo

The small traveler a thousand li that has mark card is hanged before large quantities of bosoms " walk along Chan Qi " , make the distinctive view on the airliner


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