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What calls code to share
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Code is shared (Code-sharing) it is the airliner date that points to an airline (namely code) on the flight number that can be used in another airline. this pair of airline, can be in not only not devoted

Route network is perfected below the circumstance of cost, enlarge market share, and crossed certain and opposite the camp of the aviation market that close. To the passenger, can enjoy more convenient, rich service,

For instance numerous airliner and hour choose, the service of a favourable turn of unifinication, favourable round-the-world fare, the rest that share hall and constant fare plan are waited a moment. Sharing the resource that optimized airline because of code,

Make the passenger benefits a lot, so it is born in American home market at 70 time hind, 20 years short already made the most popular collaboration way inside global aviation carrying trade. The airline of 3 old key members of our country also

Already signed code to share an agreement with 3 main United States airline at parting nearly two years, they are, china International airline and Oriental airline of American northwest airline, China and beautiful interest firm boat

Southern airline of empty company, China and trigonometry airline. Among them, the code of boat and beautiful northwest boat shares the country begin the earliest, only then in May 1998, cooperative administrative levels is the deepest, the field is the widest. Bilateral

Not only connection order with system leaving port, each other opened constant passenger project, combine sale and sales promotion, and realized " to connect Cheng Deng machine " and " to serve without aperture " truly, the passenger is in only then hair airport is dealt with board the plane when formalities

Can take the boarding check of all airliners in road, baggage also can be reached by direct carry destination. Henceforth, bilateral cooperative domain will expand to groom further, the respect such as finance affairs and human affairs management. "Code

Share " this kind of means makes Chinese airline is able to absorb abroad to advanced airline is being managed and manage the experience that go up directly, blend in as soon as possible increasingly globalization, liberalized aviation carrying trade.