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What calls neuter airline ticket (BSP) ?
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BSP (Billing And Settlement Plan, abbreviation BSP, namely make out a bill and settle accounts plan, it is international boat assist build according to carrying the development of acting course of study and need, supply airline and representative

The system of sale settle accounts that uses between the person.

BSP neuter ticket is by international boat assist the ticket card of the uniform standards that approbated agent sells; It will replace the airline ticket that prints by each airline before.

BSP neuter ticket is sold by agent, pass international ship assist designation data processing center and liquidation bank undertake settle accounts is mixed pay, avoided thereby before between airline and agent a variety of tickets

The close an account of card, bull, intricate state of affairs that pays for many times, mix for airline agent is managing a large number of expenditure, improved work efficiency and service quality, also put an end to wait false violate compasses act. It is reported, heretofore

There already is what many 280 airline and more than 40 thousand agent participate in BSP to run on the world.

In April 1996, total bureau of Chinese civil aviaton to sit a meeting, requirement home just a little kind airline ticket agent uses BSP neuter ticket to be airline sale as soon as possible. Subsequently, 21 airline that with the country boat is a delegate also

Combine agent of the home that send a letter, claim to will call in our company airline ticket, urge them to use BSP neuter bill as soon as possible.

Nowadays, the agent of Beijing area already used neuter bill entirely, the neuter bill that the agent of other and main city also is using uniform standards stage by stage is replaced before the airline ticket of each airline of multicoloured, that

the neuter bank note that the passenger takes from inside procuratorial hand is of what about, they are the international passenger ticket that is cover with map of the world of blue ground red, with white bottom red Chinese map is the domestic passenger ticket of cover, airline ticket

Unite on imprint have international boat assist (IATA) mark.