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Each airline name is Chinese and English contrast
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Southern airline of Oriental airline of China International airline, Air China, China, China Eastern Airlines, China, China Southern Airlines, Asia, Japan

Sky of airline, Japan Airlines, full day is airline, All Nippon Airways, big aviation of empty company of Han Hang empty company, Korean Air, Han Yahang, Asiana Airlines, Mongolia

Aviation of airline of company of empty company of company, MIAT Mongolian Airlines, Guo Taihang, Cathay PacificAirways, Dragon Air, Dragonair, Macao, Air Macau, China is general

Aviation of international of airline of airline of department, China Airlines, airline length flourish, EvaAir, Singapore, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines, Thailand

Airline of airline of airline of company, Thai Airways International, Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines, India, Air-India, Pakistan, Pakistan Int.

Grow of airline of Airlines, Turkey, Turkish Airlines, black fastens Kesitan boat of Han Sha of airline of airline, Uzbekistan Airways, Europe, France, Air France, Germany

Airline of empty company, Lufthansa, England, British Airways, Holand is royal aviation of airline of airline, KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines, Switzerland, Swissair, Italy

Empty company of Ou Hang of airline of company, Alitalia, Austria, Austrian Airlines, north, Scandinavian Airlines, Hungarian airline, Hungarian Airlines, on the west class

The tooth is airline of airline, Iberia, Russia, Aeroflot, Portuguese airline, TAP-Air Ortugal, Greek aviation of northwest of airline, Air Greece, North America, United States is general

Airline of airline of airline of combination of department, Northwest Airlines, United States, United Airlines, United States, American Airlines, mainland, Continental Airlines,

Airline of airline of round-the-world airline, triangle of Trans World Airlines, United States, west of Delta Airlines, United States, America West Airlines, join numerous state airline,

Airline of airline of airline of US Airways, Xia Weiyi, Hawaiian Airlines, Canada, Air Canada, South America, Brazil, VARIG Brazilian Airlines, ocean

Continent, aviation of airline of the empty company of Australian fast Da Hang, Qantas Airways, airline that bring victory, Ansett Australia, New Zealand, Air New Zealand, Africa, Ethiopia

South African of airline of company, Ethiopian Airlines, south Africa