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Spring break airline tickets booking in advance a minimum of 2.5 can also enjoy
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There are more than a month from the Spring Festival, yesterday learned from the airlines that currently have started booking flights during Spring Festival, and set too early concession, the minimum up to 2.5 fold. Yesterday, the reporters in the China Southern Airlines, Air China and other airline sites to see, they have begun to launch the spring ticket promotions. Air China said on its Web site, 17 to January 10 next year, the period between January 19 next year to buy from February 20 Japan's domestic air tickets, Air China is expected to receive red packets sent, 800 km route is expected to receive 100 envelopes to more than 800 kilometers are expected to get 200 red packets. The Shenzhen Airlines has told reporters that the persons concerned, this year they will launch a spring 50 000 sets of "easy come and easy go" round-trip ticket to go on sale from December 1 (inclusive), the departure date for the flight opportunity December 15, 2010 ( Inclusive) (November tenth day Lunar New Year) to February 2, 2011 (inclusive) (Eve), took the opportunity to date for the return flight Feb. 5, 2011 (inclusive) (Lunar New Year) 3 2011 10 February (inclusive) (Lunar early February VI). These "easy come and easy go" package discounts mostly floating between 3 to 5 fold, to 2.5 fold lower part of the route. "Fuzhou flights can enjoy discount, the details may consult the Shenzhen Airlines." The people of Shenzhen Airlines, said more than 110 packages routes involved in the start and end points are the main two cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, two places around the country's More than 60 routes, including flights to Beijing, Changsha, Nanjing, Wuxi, Kunming, Wuhan, Dalian, Fuzhou, Haikou, Hangzhou, Jinan and other major cities of the flights. "For all the normal individual, including children, but not to the special visitors (such as unaccompanied) and groups." Remind the people, Shenzhen Airlines launched last year to 5 million discount tickets, sold out in just one month . January 20 is the peak to the Spring Festival Xiamen Airlines, told reporters that the person concerned, in Fuzhou, with the past situation, before the Spring Festival is flying out of fewer people, more people flew in; and flew around the Spring Festival fewer people, more people flying out. Fuzhou, which until January 20 After the flights began at the high load factor, the case of high-priced tickets, the week before the Spring Festival flights to almost 100% load factor, tickets are full price tickets. He reminded passengers to travel around the Spring Festival to the best tickets in advance Otherwise, the fare is not only expensive, but may be difficult to get a ticket. Interview, the reporter learned that, at present, to the major cities of Fuzhou ticket prices are continuing to fall, many routes are there 2 to 3 fold the special fares; to the New Year period, many routes there are cheap tickets, but to clear In mid-January, as students leave school and return home to population increases, ticket prices will start to rise. Fly to Chengdu, Fuzhou, for example, a reporter from the website of Ctrip and so that, in December, the ticket prices are in thousand dollars below the 4.5% that is 750 tickets a lot, and even appeared on December 28 690 yuan Shihai cheap tickets. But by mid-January, the ticket prices in a thousand dollars more than the minimum but 5 fold to 850 million. Into February, the ticket prices are full price tickets.