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China civil aviation history of the largest successful completion of a financin
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The largest is the first time in the history of China's civil aviation more than 10 billion yuan in a stock market financing, the successful completion of China Southern. Recently, China Southern announced that the shares through the A + H shares way of private placement, amounting to 10.73 billion yuan refinancing success. A private placement shares of China Southern Airlines Group and other subjects 9 institutions or natural persons, the issue price of 6.66 yuan per share, number of 150,150 million shares issued; H share placement targets overseas wholly owned subsidiary of China Southern Airlines Group, South Dragon Holdings Limited, issue price of 2.73 yuan per share of HK to issue number of 31,250 shares. It is understood that all funds raised will be used to repay the bank loan principal, China Southern's assets and liabilities resulting from the current rate of 86% to 73%. Concerned parties, the successful refinancing will bring many benefits to China Southern. All funds raised used to repay bank loans, the reduction of interest expense, improve operational efficiency, while China Southern Airlines, China Southern Airlines is also reducing the large asset-liability ratio, Southern reducing the burden of future development will enter a virtuous cycle of development health . There is also enhancing the comprehensive strength of China Southern Airlines, China Southern in the financial sector to enhance the image of a future re-financing, bonds, loans, have created favorable conditions. There are important, because the non-public offering price higher than planned, and ultimately made a 265 million fewer shares, so that the Southern Group's equity decreased by 1.4 percentage points less. This has created a future refinancing of space. It is understood that the refinancing started from the end of last year, has been completed by the end 10. Nearly a year, has gone through many twists and turns, finally completed. This is the Southern capital of operational activities in recent years insisted the result of a matter of course.