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Users votes Amoy spring sun in mind: two-hour get discount tickets refresh
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Holidays, Li m worried, one side is constantly calling to ask the family to buy the tickets? Home a few numbers? One side is a sea of people before the train ticket. This weekend, Lee every morning to get up at five meters are to line up, did not work so early that even though so little time each row of the two when it was her turn, the conductor will say the only standing tickets . Think about the trip up to twenty hours, thin Li-meter retreat, do not get on the train, Li meters inside can imagine situations where the size of each foot, can not move, Snow turned to go to the toilet as the same difficulties, Paul allowed also went to the toilet there may be are jammed with people. But the Chinese New Year is a festival of reunion, not the parents are not allowed to go home. Tomorrow is Monday, and will continue to work. Lee helpless meters from the ticket home, the thought of scouring the Internet everyone says vote, Li m vaguely remember that last year, home, girl roommate to live is cool Infonet (www.kuxun.cn) train Amoy votes votes. She is also prepared to go try this, open the site, enter the destination Beijing for Lee meters Ganzhou, Jiangxi, a check really a lot of information on the transfer of votes, but because too many votes traffickers, Lee meters incredulous. Li-meter with a cool Infonet provides "vote traffickers Recognition System", after careful screening, try holding the attitude of a few calls, and indeed have the votes. But the other said seat tickets, because buying more difficult, requiring more 50's hard costs; another transfer who has a soft, because it is their row over seven hours before the team bought tickets, I hope Lee m 200 block of hard work to increase fees, Lee meters calculated, the fare is 600, plus 200, a total of 800, and air tickets almost, nearly twenty hours plus journey, Li m thinking as flew back to go. Tip top of the page looking at airfare ticket information, Lee decided to severely heart meter, try to fly home. Telecommunications network in the cool air tickets home, Lee-meter to see there are some discount information, enter the destination, Lee meters found a ticket before the holiday flight has been very small. Buy a day ticket, Li m tired, and went Daolebeishui, Lee meters back computer find cool tips Infonet her ticket page, the page has expired and needs to be updated, Li-meter refreshes the page, she shines is the ticket from Beijing to Ganzhou even have, but do not discount fares 2310 yuan, Li m very distressed, I heard that ticket prices are constantly changing, the time of payment, Li m do made a bold decision, to not buy, then wait and see. Thus, Li-meter refresh every two minutes to cool ticket information page, and finally, in the brush for more than two hours later, Lee meters to a successful Amoy February 12 Southern Airlines from Beijing to Ganzhou, Jiangxi CN3255 flight tickets, 1464 dollars. Thought no longer endure the long trip, two and a half hours to get home, Li m excited.