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Small end length a holiday flies to the Mid-autumn Festival airline ticket price
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End as small 3 days mid-autumn long holiday, guiyang sets out to begin to maintain to the airline ticket of course of domestic business affairs in low price, travel course airline ticket also is in mostly 6 fold the left and right sides.

Reporter yesterday (15) day learns from booking office of civil aviaton Guiyang, this week (came 19 days on September 16) inside, dividing Guiyang to reach Kunming is total value outside, guiyang comes big talk lowest 5 fold, guiyang comes Chengdu lowest 4.5 fold, guiyang comes Xi'an lowest 6 fold, guiyang comes Qingdao lowest 7 fold.

Travel not only the airline ticket price of course is low, because business affairs stream of people is smoother during mid-autumn,be reduced from time to tome, the price of airline ticket of business affairs course that makes Guiyang leaves a port also goes low. Inside this week, guiyang reachs Beijing lowest 5 fold, guiyang reachs Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai lowest 4.5 fold.

As we have learned, such circumstance will last to the end of September. As the arrival of National Day golden week, airline ticket discount will go tall gradually.