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"11 " violent wind of airline ticket price rises heat course to still have low f
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This net dispatch " 11 " the golden week has not begun, airline ticket price has begun to rise sadly. The reporter understands from 9588 journeys net, at present " 11 " during airline ticket still has inferior discount, but airline ticket of most heat course will be in " 11 " during violent wind goes up 3 to 5 into, amount raising price differs to on 1000 yuan from 89 yuan. Predict to be in " 11 " metaphase fare will fall after a rise, fare of holiday later period picks up somewhat.

Between high school of fare both ends low, airline ticket amount has the chief that assures ministry of career of airline ticket of 9588 journeys net to tell a reporter, from September begin first, already in succession the guest begins to book " 11 " the airline ticket during, among them many guests reserved airline ticket going there and back. This paragraph during the crowd that reserves airline ticket is main the purpose is go on a journey is mixed visit one's family.

According to the chief introduction of ministry of career of airline ticket of 9588 journeys net, in September 28 days " 11 " price of golden week airline ticket will reach peak value, the maximum price of most popular line appears in this one day. Look from existing data, 28 days of heat course that leave a port from Beijing for the most part, for example Beijing comes Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian, Kunming, big talk, 3 inferior the airline ticket price that waits for popular travel destination has been in 7 fold above, and the airline ticket that goes to Lhasa from Beijing does not have discount ticket since 20 days early. "11 " during another fare height will appear on October 5 to control, namely the date of return of major tourist plan. Carry 9588 websites inquiry, the reporter discovers right now although fare discount slightly under golden week early days, but great majority is in 6 fold the left and right sides.

With golden week early days and price of evening airline ticket considerably violent wind rises to be compared, "11 " it may be said of medium-term airline ticket is " par " . Show according to data of 9588 journeys net, begin from October 1, pelter of price of airline ticket of each travel circuitry, obtain cereal copy to October 2. This paragraph of time is popular price of course airline ticket in succession " shrink " to the level before the section, major fall after a rise arrives 4 -- 5 fold, differ than airline ticket price with fastigium photograph hundreds of go to 1000 yuan. Fly to from Beijing for instance 3 inferior airline ticket, on September 28 the left and right sides has 9 to lose airline ticket only, and arrived to recovered a part on October 3 before 4 fold, this goes price difference get on 1000 yuan.

Afraid to some guests ticket measures insufficient situation, chief expresses related 9588 journeys net temporarily nonexistent this kind of circumstance, will in order to have airline ticket sale status see a ticket measure is enough, ask broad passenger to be at ease.
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