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Many airline rolls out the Mid-autumn Festival small traveler length a holiday b
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Yesterday (10) day, the reporter understands from many airline, to receive coming small mid-autumn long holiday, many airline will be right seize the opportunity the passenger offers certain privilege.

Reporter from Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, the following abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) Guiyang business ministry learns, arrive from September 11 during September 15, take Dong Hang flight to head for Shanghai to be able to be bought from Guiyang 3 lose airline ticket, the children that resents 12 years old also can enjoy this privilege.

Additional, reporter from Shenzhen aviation finite liability company (Shenzhen Airlines Ltd. , the following abbreviation " deep boat " ) Guiyang business ministry learns, come from September 14 during September 18, the passenger buys Shenzhen airline to come loose in aleatoric site after plane ticket arrives at Shenzhen, can reach Shenzhen airport by him boarding check and Id bar of 2 buildings deep boat, The coupon that get goes exchanging entrance ticket of half price of Shenzhen joy cereal.