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Hai Hang is rolled out indulgence big talk needs 180 yuan only to Guangzhou airl
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Reporter yesterday (10) day from Hainan aviation Inc. (Hainan Airlines Company Limited, the following abbreviation " Hai Hang " ) system of electronic passenger ticket learns, big talk flies to price of airline ticket of domestic share town to have low airline ticket during the Mid-autumn Festival, the Mid-autumn Festival on September 14 big talk -- Guangzhou needs 180 yuan only.

As we have learned, hai Hang is in during the Mid-autumn Festival of Hainan leave a port partial line has bargain price (Guangzhou, Shenzhen also has partial bargain price to the approach flight number of Hainan) , these special offer airliners are centered in big talk mostly -- Guangzhou, big talk -- the course such as Shenzhen. Specific date is, on September 12 big talk -- Wuhan 3 fold 410 yuan, on September 13 big talk -- Wen Zhou 3 fold 440 yuan, on September 14 big talk -- Shanghai 3 fold 500 yuan, big talk -- Shenzhen 210 yuan; On September 13 big talk -- Lanzhou 3.8 fold 810 yuan, on September 15 big talk -- Xiamen 3.8 fold 418 yuan. Still have big talk in addition -- Taiyuan, big talk -- the low airline ticket of the course such as Beijing.

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