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This year " 11 " airline ticket of the home between gold cycle does not have a d
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This year " 11 " the golden week begins to have a holiday from September 29, on September 10, system of carry out ticket shows booking office of civil aviaton of airport of Zhengzhou new Zheng, on September 29 - on October 1, home's hotter travel town airline ticket has been hit no longer fold, total value is sold.

It is reported, on September 29, zhengzhou is flown to 3 inferior, Qingdao, Dalian, Guilin is total value, the lowest of night shift airliner that flies to Kunming, Li Jiang, Hangzhou has 7.5 to lose airline ticket. And this small mid-autumn long holiday on the weekend, still can buy to these cities relative to cheaper airline ticket, for instance Zhengzhou is flown to 3 inferior 4 lose airline ticket, fly to Kunming and Li Jiang to also 5 lose airline ticket.

Partial airline expresses, because many travel busy season is affected this year respectively by the natural disaster such as snow calamity, earthquake, accordingly civil aviaton course of study is compared by concussion big, also make this year " 11 " golden week airline ticket rises in price taller.