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Strengthen a citizen to be opposite the knowledge of electronic airline ticket
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Chinese Aeronautic Association announces 16 days this month, airline ticket of the electron before the end of the year will replace paper airline ticket in the round this year. Current, sales agency of airline ticket of our city each airline enabled electronic airline ticket, but a lot of citizens still lack understanding to electronic airline ticket.
Electronic airline ticket is the form of a kind of electron of airline ticket of traditional paper quality, already gained ground very in foreign developed country. It uses computer network platform to store the par information of traditional airline ticket in revising a system, implementation is changed without paper, the electron changes order ticket, settle accounts and deal with seize the opportunity formalities. The passenger can order airline ticket in different ground, pay on the net, can deal with directly by effective certificate board the plane formalities.
Electronic airline ticket brought a lot of advantage to the passenger, also reduced the cost of airline and agency. But because be opposite,network safety and lack of the means that buy a ticket trust, a few citizens still cannot accept electronic airline ticket. Actually, want citizens to choose the sales agency of normal, aviation airline ticket that aptitude, credit has been spent to buy airline ticket only, these concern are redundant.
Interview: The passenger that buy a ticket -- I sat a few times, the feeling is more convenient, want to taking Id to went to the airport can boarding the plane only, buy electronic passenger ticket, want to be bought to standard unit only, still be at ease quite in the heart, more dependable.
The another advantage of electronic passenger ticket is to be able to pass network inquiry to discern the true and false of airline ticket.
Interview: Kunming red rises airline ticket representative to be in Zhang Yingxiu -- after you had ordered electronic airline ticket, can go up the professional website on internet, input (electronic airline ticket) v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money and individual full name, reach the information of relevant certificate, whether has the airline ticket that can inquire you located and the true bogus of this piece of airline ticket.
Look, wanted to master the method of airline ticket of electron of test and verify only, citizens can put a person's mind to buy use electron airline ticket. The v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money of electronic airline ticket can be asked for to business of airline ticket be commissioned to sell sth.