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Electronic airline ticket has what advantage
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(1) . Calm ticket is convenient, simple. Electronic passenger ticket is ordered, the lot turns, change can come true through Internet directly with return a ticket.
(2) . The passenger seizes the opportunity to go to the lavatory. The passenger takes any scheduled flights, simply awaits bar of business affairs of electron of office of machine building home setting out to white cloud airport, assistance of person specially assigned for a task is dealt with board the plane formalities, beardless him passenger is in await value opportunity bar is searched inside machine building.
(3) . Below certain condition, the price that buys electronic passenger ticket is more more favourable than traditional airline ticket.
(4) . Once traditional airline ticket is missing or did not carry, will not seize the opportunity; And the fare that buys electronic passenger ticket does not have this worry, need only to recieve personnel to issue effective certificate to be like Id, can seize the opportunity.