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Scale of global electron airline ticket already was amounted to 93%
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International aviation carries association (IATA) announces to enter passenger ticket of 100 % electron to time. After 100 days, namely on June 1, 2008, paper airline ticket will make the history in the whole world. According to statistic, the airline ticket that the whole world had 18 % only in June 2004 is electronic passenger ticket, but popularity rate of electronic passenger ticket already exceeded 93 % now.

As simplify the one share that business affairs plans, IATA began to carry out passenger ticket of 100 % electron in June 2004, this plan comprises by 5 projects: Sunlight windowing?BCBP) of Jian of shop of envy antrum  , general self-help serves platform (radio frequency of CUSS) , aviation identifies (airline ticket of RFID) , electron and electronic freight. These 5 projects add up the capital that will bring 6.5 billion dollar every year to aviation industry is managing. According to introducing, the processing cost of airline ticket of a piece of paper quality is 10 dollars, and electronic passenger ticket can fall this one cost to 1 dollar, aviation industry is annual will managing the capital of 30 much dollars.