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Ticket of electron of a favourable turn that cross a state offends a " to lose s
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Electronic airline ticket is being popularized energetically by concerned branch, however, its " invisible feel do not wear " the trouble that character also causes an expect to be less than. Reporter yesterday (13) day learns from branch of the check side this city, as year old go abroad at the beginning of last years of a dynasty or reign swim occurrence climax, the passenger of a few travel that cross a state is when formalities of condition of conduction discrepancy of airport a favourable turn, because electronic airline ticket cannot show specific travel information, bring about conduction formalities to suffer again and again
Block, nearly delayed overall travel.

Go up month, come from Miss Keruisi of England, the plan goes to Japan from Pudong airport a favourable turn, because be not taken,give proof of relevant airline ticket however, within an inch of is prevented to enter a country by station of Pudong edge check. Original, miss Ke Ruisi ordered electronic airline ticket on the net, cheng of primary one's line is to take British airline scheduled flight to arrive at Pudong International Airport, turn to head for Tokyo by the plane that day again next, according to provision of our country law, the certificate of effective discrepancy condition that edge check scheme handles the proof of formalities of pass through the territory of a country to be him passenger for foreign nationality passenger, pass through the territory of a country heads for the Three Kingdoms (area) couplet Cheng airline ticket, but when dealing with formalities of pass through the territory of a country for its when the policeman, what because Miss Keruisi is used,discover however is electronic airline ticket, all travel information are in its individual mailbox, because give a haste, did not print the circumstance that order a ticket come out, cannot deal with formalities of pass through the territory of a country for its so. To do not affect her conference, scheme of Pudong edge check contacts airline, offer the route that pertinent information just affirmed finally to Miss Keruisi goes to Japan by airline, arrange her to arrive with the rapiddest rate " urgent deliverance passageway " dealt with formalities of pass through the territory of a country, make she published the flight number that heads for Tokyo in the last moment.

Check of the eastern side that occupy riverside introduces, since since beginning to popularize electronic airline ticket last year, had produced similar incident several cases in Pudong airport, caused certain effect to the passenger's journey.

Perform again to prevent similar incident, edge check policeman reminds, need heads for the Three Kingdoms in pass through the territory of a country of Shanghai a favourable turn (area) passenger, enjoying a net to go up while airline ticket of the electron that order is convenient and quick, still answer to take a heart more, order oneself airline ticket information to print beforehand come out, lest give out,cause needless trouble all right.
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