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Shenzhen moves commonly and the flight is regular
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A chapter general principles 9
The 91.1st purpose and basis 9
The 91.3rd suitable scope and term explain 9
The 91.5th civil aviation implement the duty of pilot and attributive 9
The driver of the 91.7th aerostat 10
The 91.9th civil aviation implement airworthiness 10
The 91.11st civil aviation implement flight manual, mark and sign ask 10
The 91.13rd member that prohibit hamper and disturbing aircrew to become 10
The 91.15th prohibits carelessness or harum-scarum operation 11
Object of the 91.17th airdrop 11
The 91.19th limitation that absorbs alcohol and medicaments 11
The 91.21st anaesthetic medicines and chemical reagents, hempen, restrain or the carry of analeptic agent or material 11
Equipment of the 91.23rd portable electron 11
The 91.25th lease and the demand that sell item of the authenticity in the contract conditionally and moving pilot responsibility 12
B chapter flight is regular 13
The 91.101st suitable scope 13
Prepare before the 91.103rd flight 13
Member of the 91.105th flight flight crew on post is on duty 13
The 91.107th safety belt, aglet and the use that children restricts device 14
Flight of appearance of education of the 91.109th flight, imitate and certain flight take an exam 14
The 91.111st around other aerostat move 15
The 91.113rd voyage lien outside moving except surface is regular 15
Lien of voyage of the 91.115th surface is regular 16
Speed of the 91.117th aerostat 16
Height of safety of the 91.119th lowest 16
Program of set right of the 91.121st altimeter 16
The abidance that the 91.123rd air traffic control is permitted and dictates 17
Signal of lamplight of the 91.125th air traffic control 17
The 91.127th moves inside airspace of blame carriage airport 18
The 91.129th moves in what carry airport airspace commonly 18
The 91.131st in airspace of busy carriage airport move 19
The 91.133rd in airspace of particularly busy carriage airport move 19
Area of danger zone of the danger in the 91.135th sky, limitation and forbidden zone 20
The 91.137th inside headroom airspace move 20
The 91.139th temporarily the flight is restricted 21
The 91.141st reserves to the 91.149th 21
The fuel that the 91.151st visual flight flies below regular condition asks 21
The flight plans regulation of the 91.153rd visual flight 21
The lowermost weather standard of regulation of the 91.155th basic visual flight 22
The lowermost weather standard of regulation of the 91.157th special visual flight 22
The cruise height of regulation of the 91.159th visual flight and flight height layer 22
The 91.161st reserves to the 91.165th 23
The fuel that flight of the 91.167th appearance flies below regular condition asks 23
The flight plans regulation of flight of the 91.169th appearance 23
By appearance flight regulation moves the 91.171st complete to VHF to beacon (the examination of VOR) equipment 24
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