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Aviation carries carrier to run eligible and authorized regulation
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A chapter general principles 2
The 135.1st purpose and basis 2
The 135.3rd suitable scope 2
The 135.5th definition 2
The main demand with the 135.7th moving authorized qualification 2
The application of the 135.9th moving certificate of approval 2
Of the 135.11st moving certificate of approval issue a requirement 2
The 135.13rd moving certificate of approval and the content of moving standard 2
The 135.15th moving certificate of approval and the period of validity of moving standard 2
The 135.17th moving certificate of approval and the examination of moving standard 2
The modification of the 135.19th moving certificate of approval 2
Holder of the 135.21st certificate of approval is in the liability that save and uses moving standard to go up 2
The 135.23rd carry is revised normatively all right 2
The 135.25th censorial with the examination carry out 2
The 135.27th administrator that carries out moving place to need by this regulation 2
The acceptance condition of the 135.29th administrator 2
The 135.31st near future that move is experienced 2
The 135.33rd advocate battalion movement base, flight base and maintenance base 2
The 135.35th carries out the deviate that move to approve by army contract 2
The deviate that the 135.37th executive lash-up runs is approved 2
The 135.39th need instantly make a decision and the emergency that deal with 2
The 135.41st manual asks 2
Content of the 135.43rd manual 2
The 135.45th aerostat asks 2
The use of name of holder of the 135.47th certificate of approval 2
The carry of the 135.49th anaesthetic medicines and chemical reagents, marijuana and composed or excited medicaments 2
B Zhang Fei moves all right 2
The 135.61st abidance regulations 2
The 135.63rd record maintains a demand 2
The report of the 135.65th mechanical abnormal condition 2
The abnormal condition of the dangerous weather condition with the 135.67th potential report and communication or navigation establishment 2
The limitary below the 135.69th emergency continues or stop a flight 2
The 135.71st comfortable boat is checked 2
The 135.73rd is supervised and check 2
The right that honest supervisor of the 135.75th bureau enters cockpit 2
Responsibility of the 135.77th moving control 2
Fixed position of the 135.79th flight asks 2
The aviation information data that personnel of the 135.81st travel that it is carry provides 2
Need in the 135.83rd cockpit equipment data 2
The personnel that the 135.85th carry need not accord with this regular passenger convey by vehicles to set 2
The 135.87th carry that includes the goods that carries baggage inside 2
The requirement of use oxygen of the 135.89th driver 2
The 135.91st passenger is medical oxygen 2
The lowest of the 135.93rd autopilot uses height 2
The condition that personnel of the 135.95th aviation has a job 2
The 135.97th is used at satisfying the aerostat that near future flight experiences and establishment 2
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