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Home of baggage of passenger of Chinese civil aviation carries regulation
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General principles of the first chapter

The first management that carries to strengthen aviation of home of pair of passengers, baggage, protect the legitimate rights and interests of carrier and passenger, safeguard normal aviation to carry order, basis " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " draft this regulation.

This the 2nd regulation is applied to with civil aviation implement carry passenger, baggage and the free country aviation that aviation carries the home of collection pay to reach classics carrier to agree and be dealt with is carried. This regular place says " domestic aviation is carried " , it is a basis passenger transportation contract, its set out the ground, agreement all is in via stopping the ground and destination the aviation of churchyard of People's Republic of China is carried.

In this the 3rd regulation following choice of words, outside there is other demand in removing specific provision or having specific provision additionally, the meaning is as follows:

(one) " carrier " point to the aviation carrier that includes to write passenger ticket and acceptance of consignment or conventional acceptance of consignment all aviation carrier of fare of train of place of this passenger ticket and its baggage.
(2) " sale agent person " point to the business that pursues civil aviation carrying sale agent business.
(3) " ground service is procuratorial " point to the business that pursues civil aviation carrying the ground to serve acting business.
(4) " passenger " show classics carrier agrees to be in civil aviation implement on carry eliminates the one beyond unit member.
(5) " group passenger " the number that points to unitary organization is in 10 people above (contain 10 people) , range, seize the opportunity the passenger with date and same flight number.
(6) " children " show the age is full two one full year of life but malcontent the person of 12 one full year of life.
(7) " baby " show the age is malcontent the person of two one full year of life.
(8) " calm " grade of the seat that points to pair of passengers to book, cabin seat or berth or the obligate to the weight of baggage, bulk.
(9) " contract unit " point to sign with carrier calm, the unit of the contract that buy a ticket.
(10) " airliner " the fixed flight of the course that shows the plane presses a regulation, date, hour.
(11) " the passenger decides a sheet " show the passenger buys what must fill in before the ticket to be occupied for carrier or person of its sale agent decide in order to deal with with the business bill that writes passenger ticket.
(12) " effective identity document " show the passenger buys the proves its identity certificate that the ticket is in charge of a branch to set by the government with what when seizing the opportunity, must show. Be like: Dweller Id, by formulary spendable cadre of testimony of valid passport, officer, police officer card, soldier card, civil service or prove from emeritus cadre, 16 one full year of life are the following the certificate such as the student's identification card of minor, booklet of registered residence.
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