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Your lifetime, can you have by air opportunity?
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The person's lifetime, the car that may have taken countless times, the train. But plane, very may much person often sits, perhaps had sat 9 times, also have very big one part person had not sat even. Live in this times at the beginning of 20 centuries end, 21 centuries, can have not taken a plane unexpectedly, this is the regret with how big lifetime. Be in Euramerican such developed country, take a plane, it is most common vehicle choice already.
Before 10 years, those who hit is right we also calculate luxury. Probably 15 years ago, the mobile phone still cries " hand-hold portable telephone " , wealthy talented person is used, and now, the mobile phone gained ground, the user has 400 million much. When the Chinese can resemble using a mobile phone by air, hit such, not be wasteful spending.  
Be in China by plane, farthermost namely bits 4 hours many, set out in the morning, can arrive home certainly in the evening. Plane, bring too big convenience to the person. And the security of the plane is all vehicle in best. So, should let more ordinary people sit to remove a plane. So a few airline rolled out airline ticket of a few low, in order to satisfy the requirement that more person satisfies God.
Last year, age airline rolled out the flying airline ticket that sells 1 yuan only on the course of Shanghai flying Jinan, sell however when giving 400 pieces, punish sheet with respect to what was left to give 150 thousand yuan by bureau of Jinan city price, bring about its to be forced to exit Shanghai to arrive the course of Jinan. A few days ago, age airline and construction bank rolled out a mobile phone to order airline ticket service first in home, demonstrate to be able to go up in the spot, wang Zhenghua shows age airline president, wait after the price will be unlocked henceforth, age airline will roll out 1 yuan of airline ticket again.
Why can you appear a yuan of airline ticket? Everyman thinks average person place bears the price of plane ticket not to rise, think that is spending of wealthy person gift. Actually otherwise, above all, a yuan of airline ticket is not price of all airline ticket it is a yuan, it also has different restriction, for example time is late, range is short, wait a moment without free service, its sale proportion also has a regulation. Appear or satisfied a few people its nevertheless by air desire.
Since age airline Cong Kaifei, imitated abroad is cheap aerial practice, push special offer airline ticket to attract passenger source repeatedly, had rolled out 99 yuan in succession, 199 yuan, airline ticket of 299 yuan of special offer, last year " 1 yuan of airline ticket are punished " incident happens below such setting no wonder. Data shows, age airline begin navigation two years many, its airline ticket price is more average than the market the level became low 36% ; But average of every airliner take rate achieved 95% , far outclass the industry standard of 75% .
In fact, current for aviation transport power of home, it is enough makes more people contented sit to fly of worn requirement. According to introducing, since 2005 the aircraft order of domestic airline has exceeded 300, because this is in henceforth 5 years, the aviation transport power of our country will show geometrical progression to grow.
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