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Why the Spring Festival is met one ticket is begged hard
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Whenever the Spring Festival draws near, to a lot of people, come home spend the New Year to will be faced with again " it is difficult to order a ticket " problem. In last few years, the person that the Spring Festival orders airline ticket a few days ago too cross concentration, but most person can be ordered without airline ticket at all.
Look according to experience, before the Spring Festival half month begins, the airline ticket of each course begins in short supply. Stand by the Spring Festival more, airline ticket discount is smaller, the choice margin of cabin seat or berth is relatively narrow also. Airline ticket of Spring Festival of total even value cannot be bought. Specific Spring Festival puts a lot of people holiday period cannot decide, wanting to order airline ticket is to do not know how to start more. So proposal passenger shifts to an earlier date 20-30 day reserves Spring Festival airline ticket.
The Spring Festival orders a ticket this year optimal period is this month the middle ten days of a month reachs first, the passenger that return country must book ability to assure to have a bill ahead of schedule. The passenger that plans go on a tour is OK " wrong peak " go on a journey, for instance at the beginning of first day of the lunar year 2 when, many airline have special offer airline ticket to appear, go out in those days travel is more substantial.
How reasonable buy " spend the New Year " Spring Festival airline ticket? Although be put in a few difficulty, but still should book ahead of schedule as far as possible, ahead of schedule half month moves to buy Spring Festival airline ticket optimal.
Buy Spring Festival airline ticket to shift to an earlier date as far as possible above all, can buy the price and time to compare appropriate airline ticket commonly, and take a discount possibly still. Be aimed at those returning to cannot put the tourist of false date certainly, we suggest they estimate a date that embarks on a journey the most possibly, choose to be able to be retreated next, the flight number that changes a label buys airline ticket, such tourists are OK oneself decide which days to embark on a journey. If because company Spring Festival has a holiday,the problem cannot go by the plan,go, return a ticket also loss of it doesn't matter.
The passenger buys Spring Festival airline ticket to had better abide by two " early " : Can go early early, opposite airline ticket is a few more low-cost; Can early book do it with respect to breakfast, connect total value bank note late to cannot be bought likely. According to the convention, annual the heat course that Shanghai sets out during the Spring Festival has Shanghai to go to Wuhan, Shanghai to go to Changsha, Shanghai to go to Yantai, Shanghai to go to Guilin to wait to Hangzhou, Shanghai to Kunming, Shanghai to Fuzhou, Shanghai to Xiamen, Shanghai to Beijing, Shanghai, and the heat of passenger snap up is basic also and such this year. At present Spring Festival fare has these traditional heat line a few airliner lowest price are 8 fold, and price of most course airliner is in 9 lose total even value.
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