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Book the 8 great skill that special offer airline ticket sees surely
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We see company of representative of each airline ticket or airline announce news of special offer airline ticket constantly, but when he reserves airline ticket truly discovery orders special offer airline ticket very hard beforehand, especially 2 fold even 4 lose the following airline ticket, then we feel oneself by airline " flicker " . Actually, as the passenger, need to master method and skill when undertaking airline ticket of domestic bargain price is booked. Offer the 8 great skill that buy special offer to exceed low discount airline ticket to draw lessons from for everybody to everybody here:

1, buy a ticket to want to choose good time ahead of schedule paragraph
Reserving airline ticket ahead of schedule is not to say to had been jumped over earlier, shift to an earlier date 15 days to control airline ticket discount to be usually optimal, but also cannot treat as the same, main basis line is popular degree, thin busy season differ somewhat. 30 days of above won't have very good discount commonly, 2-3 day less than also won't have the airline ticket of too low discount, special situation except, had better be so in different time many paragraphs hit a few phones to seek advice in order to seek the optimal time that order a ticket.

2, select off-season flight number

The time after normally Zhou Yi, Zhou Er or golden week pass is a travel off-season, airline ticket can have relatively inferior discount commonly, at the same time everyday morning shift and night shift airliner also have overflow privilege normally.

3, electronic airline ticket is bought on the net
Price of the airline ticket on the net does not compare price of traditional airline ticket to have more advantages, but the ticket is ordered on the net quick, if cabin seat or berth of certain special offer remnant a few pieces even when a piece of airline ticket, be being returned through the ticket is being ordered on the net is can seasonable put in special offer ticket 's charge for oneself have, if you run to dot of traditional airline ticket, perhaps special offer ticket had been done not have early, the habit of electronic passenger ticket is bought on best nurturance net so, already quick facilitate again.

4, choice airline is special and favourable policy
Some airline for sales promotion, rolled out the policy of special offer privilege that belongs to oneself only designedly, for instance country the phoenix freedom person of boat, policy of ticket of nonsked special offer, hai Hang rolls out ahead of schedule policy of 22 days of special offer is waited a moment, but these special offer policy have strict limitative requirement, for instance of Hai Hang shift to an earlier date 22 days special offer policy, can shift to an earlier date 22 days to book only, and retreat change an autograph to compare a trouble, ask you must be hundred it is that a day certainly a travel, otherwise the loss is derived from oneself drew out.
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