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Book airline ticket to exceed detailed strategy -- buy airline ticket to look su
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One, the introduction of aviation airline ticket

Airline ticket has two kinds, cent is airline ticket of traditional paper quality and electronic airline ticket.

Traditional airline ticket:

Traditional airline ticket is papery airline ticket (now already out of service) , must carry when board the plane.

Electronic airline ticket:

It is the image of a kind of electron of airline ticket of traditional paper quality, it is record of number of a kind of electron, abbreviation electron airline ticket. Current, it regards the most advanced airline ticket on the world as the form, in abroad especially the developed country already gained ground very. It uses computer network platform to change electron of traditional airline ticket, fictitious change, par information memory arrives in revising a system, implementation is changed without paper, the electron changes order ticket, settle accounts and deal with seize the opportunity the whole process such as formalities.

Electronic airline ticket brings a lot of advantage to the passenger, reduced airline cost. Leave out the time that sends a ticket to take a bank note before, still avoided the missing problem of airline ticket, and the restriction that still does not accept a space, outer ground can buy the airline ticket of different ground, the Id on the belt after ordering good airline ticket can go to the airport dealing with the formalities that register.

2, about each a few introductions of main airline

China's famous now 9 big airline are respectively: The state is boat of boat, Na Hang, Dong Hang, Shanghai Airline, sea, Xiamen Airline, plain boat, difficult boat, Shan Hang. Still have a few new airline, be like: Age, lucky, accipitral couplet, halcyon. From traffic, airliner amount, flight hour, compare on airliner dimensions have greatly: Na Hang, country boat, dong Hang. The discount compares good airline to have: Age, hai Hang.
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