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China books net integral to reward a plan [new! China books net integral to rewa
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Book hotel integral to reward regulation:

Hotel integral applies to a phone to book book; with the network

= of hotel accumulating mark enters 5% of × of case of hotel membership total prices actually (entering a public house actually is to point to from enter a night actually into what live to leave store) ;

The hotel books integral to be confined to the room that accumulative total guest consumes actually to expend amount, do not give except the other charge beyond this accumulative total.

Electronic airline ticket is double promotive integral is regular:

The integral of course of development of airline is regular (the detail refers to regulation of integral of each airline course of development) ;

China books net integral to reward regulation: Integral number = buys airline ticket fact to pay the price (do not contain the airport to build cost and fuel surtax) × 3% ;

This airline ticket integral rewards regulation to be applied to only buy electronic airline ticket, employ the member that the ticket pays paragraph or payment of bank telegraphic transfer money on the net (the client of use electron airline ticket can be in the airport to print journey monoculture to be by oneself submit an expense account proof) ; Use those who send the entrance ticket on the ticket to payment member not to enjoy this integral to reward policy;
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