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Teach you airline ticket of differentiate true and false
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Boat Shenzhen company orders a ticket south the staff member of the service center revealed the distinction between airline ticket of true and false to the public in an activity, remind a passenger to must go feature of standard carry out ticket buys a ticket.

According to Na Hang the staff member of Shenzhen company introduces, spring many false airline ticket appeared during carry, these false airline ticket are false bill dealer helps a passenger buy true airline ticket first commonly, use the copycat of high definition to duplicate airline ticket next, when passenger phone inquires, airline ticket is true; But after the passenger pays, false bill dealer is retreated with respect to will true airline ticket, cause a passenger to be duped, cannot seize the opportunity. Na Hang's staff member emphasizes repeatedly, precaution buys false bill key is to want feature of standard carry out ticket to buy a ticket, the phone buys a ticket not credulous the small advertisement outside and handbill.

The distinction of airline ticket of true and false

(1) paper quality of a material is different. Before true airline ticket two couplet are soft, thin and the carbon that contains tenacity, exterior luster; False airline ticket is thicker paper commonly, it is common duplicating paper even, although the reverse side contains the color of carbon (be like) of red, blue, but do not have autotype function.

(2) makes delicate pitch different. Figure of face of true airline ticket is very fine, handwriting clarity, the reverse side autotypes the white that clarity contains on the page retroflexions model of written characters (the) that when autotyping, stays; Surface of false airline ticket is shown slightly unsharpness, by the side of handwriting hairiness, if use magnifier enlarge to look, discover those light color and imperceptible decorative pattern is faintness, and the reverse side retroflexions without what when autotyping, stay model of written characters.

(Bottom of 3) true airline ticket has imprinting " order of order of airline code passenger ticket checks ticket couplet mouth " the area of strip form white of model of written characters and encode of one linage word. Front of this white area does not have decorative pattern, the reverse side does not have carbon color; And although the front of false airline ticket also has this white area, but the color that whole however the reverse side is carbon completely.