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T3 of building of station of new boat of Beijing capital airport uses a guidelin
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1, how to drive to head for T3 oneself?

Reach from the urban district east, on the west, southern suburb (area of channel of head of the urban district, door, Fang Shan area, go in for sth in a large scale the area, area that tell a state) the passenger that come but foregone airport high speed, by " the line austral the airport is exported " (6 exit) sail an airport high speed, high speed of the line austral classics airport arrives directly at building of 3 boat station; The passenger that comes from northern suburb can take airport north line, airport high speed is entered to take Beijing way in start of north of airport high speed, by after guiding label travel to make an appointment with 2 kilometers, sail in 9 exit boat stands building contact line, according to traffic guiding label travel reachs floor of 3 boat station.

2, way of a few high speed does T3 periphery have?

Current, periphery of Beijing capital International Airport had opened 5 freeways:  "  of Dong Tong ⒒ " finish  of  of ⒍ of Tong of Dong of lax of ┏ of to fold ⒕ floats dash forward A Chinese-style unlined garment of Chinese toon of clumsy of  of branny Zheng of Bu of  ∧ shipboard thanks  > shipboard of ∧ of  of ⒒ of Tong of Dong of to joke  kowtows take

3, drive oneself arrive at a parking lot how to collect fees?

Change according to city hair appoint the file of give an official, field jockeys to time before building of 3 boat station jockey the standard is: All of ⌒ of 3 heart バ guides 3 archives of analyse Bi in? hour, before half hours do not collect fees, exceed half hours and in 1 hour of less than (contain 1 hour) collect fees 6 yuan; After more than 1 hour every half hours are added receive 5 yuan. The open air that parks enlarge car is special the parking lot is large car every half hours 5 yuan, inadequacy presses half Xiaoshi plan half hours.

4, how many car does the parking lot have?

The car digit of two parking lots of subterranean amounts to 7000, only underground has 3900 cars one layer, be equivalent to T2 is at present whole jockey the car digit of the building. Parking lot from south divide into A, B, C, D, E5 in all toward north area.

5, where to take airport bus to reach floor of T3 boat station?

The passenger can be taken set in the grave of station of Xidan, Beijing, princess, Fang Zhuang, ZhongGuanCun, civil aviaton passenger that visits capital regular bus (airport bus) arrive directly at building of 3 boat station.

6, how many automatic staircase, elevator and footpath are there?

T3 shares 246 automatic staircase, elevator, footpath, they are mutual between most Sunday run does not exceed 100 meters, for the passengers of this heavy to be being carried baggage, it is a convenience good news undoubtedly.

7, what meaning is GTC?

Traffic center GTC is building of station of boat of passenger pass in and out " distribution centre " , it is the traffic hub of building of 3 boat station, floor area is close 350 thousand square metre.
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