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About baggage common sense
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1, free baggage forehead
Hold the passenger of adult ticket or children ticket, forehead of every free baggage is: First-class stateroom cabin 40 kilograms, official cabin 30 kilograms, tourist class 20 kilograms. Hold the passenger of infantile ticket, without free baggage forehead.
2, even more weighs baggage specified number
The baggage of forehead of free to exceeding baggage should pay the passenger fee of even more heavy baggage. Even more weighs baggage cost to lead the 1.5% computation that press tourist class ticket with every kilograms, amount with yuan for the unit, mantissa round.
3, carry article
Carry the weight of article, every passenger with 5 kilograms of in the limit of. Hold the passenger of passenger ticket of first-class stateroom cabin, everybody is portable two article, hold the passenger of official cabin or tourist class passenger ticket, everybody can carry an article only. Every volume that carries article all must not exceed 20 × 40 × 55 centimeters. More than afore-mentioned weight, of number or bulk limitation carry article, should serve as consign baggage.
4, the article that forbids to be carried as baggage
The contraband goods that the country provides, limitation carriage article, dangerous article includes but not liquid of be confined to, compress gas, combustible, corrode fluid, combustible fluid and solid, drugs, oxidant, but aggregate material, magnetic material, radiative material, harmful or stimulating material, reach, cannot serve as consign baggage or carry article.
5, the article that forbids to holding the carry secretly inside carry baggage in the palm
It is important that the passenger is holding the carry secretly inside carry baggage in the palm brittle and file, data, diplomatic pouch, negotiable securities, money, bill of exchange, valuable, perishable article, need the goods of in charge of of person specially assigned for a task with etc.
6, baggage is packed
Consign a Li Bi to need to pack perfect, lock is in good condition, bundle up is firm, the pressure with can bear constant. To packing the baggage that does not accord with, yun Hang can reject acceptance of consignment.
7, baggage compensation
Of the passenger when consigning baggage to have delivery from consign, stop, if happen to lose or damage, yun Hang should assume responsibility, indemnity does not exceed a RMB every kilograms 50 yuan. Be like baggage value every kilograms under 50 yuan when, press real value compensation. The weight that baggage compensates for consigns baggage weight actually to calculate by the passenger.
8, baggage statement value
Of the passenger consign baggage, RMB of every kilograms of overbalance 50 yuan when, can deal with baggage statement value, surtax of value of statement of cloud boat collection. Statement value must not exceed the real value of baggage oneself. The ceiling of baggage statement value of each passenger is a RMB 8000 yuan.

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