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The pet that I take can by plane
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The person that raises pet now is increasing, often encounter a few passengers to holding pet in the arms to be worth machine bar, want what deal with oneself and pet together to seize the opportunity formalities, the result is of course be rejected by staff member gentle words. Because according to the regulation, the animal cannot enter plane cabin quite, also cannot regard as quite baggage makes use. So how can pet just take a plane together with host?
Right way is: You ought to be being dealt with seize the opportunity before formalities, deal with goods to consign formalities for pet to branch of airport freight transport first. And want an attention had done the following at 2 o'clock:
The first. Of pet pack should accord with a requirement. Be wooden basket commonly or iron basket, basket bottom should have foil material, pour out of contaminative plane in order to prevent excrement and urine. The over all dimension of basket should be less than dimension of plane hold door.
The 2nd. Should have prefectural class (contain a county) branch of above animal quarantine issued animal quarantine certificate, and consign time be inside quarantine proof period of efficacy.
Had above at 2 o'clock, your pet can take a plane together with you. Finally, ask you to notice, after the plane arrives, the freight department that wants the airport deals with the extraction formalities of pet.