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The passenger boards the plane the notice that prevent disease
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1, prevent airsick. Airsick vomiting is balancer official disorder, the body gets used to poorer cause, want to keep composed only commonly, eliminate distracting thoughts, take some prevent carsick boat medicine to be able to not have a thing in safety. If know oneself may airsick, drug had better be taken in before boarding the plane 15 minutes.

2, prevent old disease to break out: The plane takes off, descend, rise, drop, turn, the change of the flight attitude such as jolt, and the airliner is traversinging the rapid change of light and shade of line of cloud layer time, can provoke have a fit of anger of a few diseases. By the cerebral ill patient that thrombus or haemorrhage cause, do not want absolutely by plane; Spend cerebral concussion patient again due specialized subject doctor is followed go and adopt be on guard effectively measure; Spend patient of cerebral shake soup gently to should take some of anodyne; The old people that suffers from hemal sclerosis can take a few tranquillizer before board the plane, the cold sheds the patient that tears and n&v snuffle are illogical to had better not take a plane, because pharynx rouses a canal,block has the risk of tympanic perforation.

3, prevent aviation sex tympanitis: The significant step that prevent is ask for a favor and deglutition. Piece a mouth or swallow saliva persistently, also can have precautionary effect of course, but owe after all tasteful. Cannot forget to give every passenger to send one packet to pack elegant candy commonly on the airliner so, this truth with respect to amid. Chew a few candy, or chew a few chewing gum to make pharynx rouses a canal to often leave. Chew eating is tympanitis of precautionary aviation sex the most efficient way, also be the step that makes a person relaxed and happy most.

If feel the symptom still was not eliminated, usable big toe and forefinger hold nose, close close mouth, forcibly expiratory, let air current to beat opening pharynx the canal enters eardrum air antrum and eliminate ear frowsty, ear the symptom such as heavy, otalgia.