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Why is the airliner met incur loss through delay
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The passenger takes civil aviaton flight, of the graph is quick, comfortable. However airliner incur loss through delay makes the passenger's time goes in the bad news in awaiting however. Anxious mood of the passenger is understandable. What element can cause airliner incur loss through delay?
Weather reason airlines is the flight on the air route in the regulation, when there are the thunderstorm that cannot bypass or other and dangerous weather on air route, if fly forcibly, the plane suffers be struck by lightning likely or generation bumps strongly. Falling since the plane must be the wind- driven less than in the regulation. If rise,bigger side wind is encountered when falling, the plane is incidental tilt or slant to give track and cause an accident, so the plane below this kind of circumstance also cannot rise fall.
Plane of mechanical failure aerial is different from the car of the ground, the car of the ground encounters breakdown to be able to stop detect, and aerial plane criterion cannot. The plane is flight of without reason barrier, this wants to remove all trouble before take off with respect to requirement plane.
The apiration that air man of the control in sky cannot rely on him drives plane, and the member that should get airport air traffic control (say the voyage attempers before) control. Air traffic control member main task is: Prevent plane and fraise in collision, prevent plane and plane in collision, uphold order of the traffic in sky, the traffic in safeguard sky is expedite. Somebody figure ground air traffic control member call " the pointsman in sky " . Sometimes the plane in sky is particularly much, airspace is more crowded, to maintain safe interval, can let region airlines await only, this was formed make as a result of flow control of air traffic control the circumstance of airliner incur loss through delay.
Because injury of extent of frozen, firn, seeper, method reachs track,the airport allows under comfortable navigation mark navigation aids ship equipment occurrence malfunction to wait a moment, cause the airport not to accord with comfortable boat standard, and fall since the safety that cannot ensure a plane and fly, also can make airliner incur loss through delay.