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How to use the safety on the plane
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The plane is the safest vehicle, but, as a result of all sorts of objective reasons, the passenger still is necessary to understand the use common sense of all sorts of safe facilities on machine.
Safety belt safety belt is the safety that when making sure the passenger produces acuteness jolt in the plane, is not met. Although have only at present,just telling a guest in the pilot when encountering air current is good safety belt, but because air current is gone to come-and-go situation is swift and violent, force is estimated hard again, suggest so passenger besides on besides closet, sit on seat as far as possible and fasten good safety belt all the time.
Face guard of oxygen of aerobic face guard is in engine room give away official secrets or reason of engine room internal cause appear the equipment that makes sure the passenger feeds oxygen demand normally when harmful aerosol, gas. Aerobic face guard is general " hide " the upper part in the seat, every seat deploys, when need is used, can operate by unit staff fall automatically. The passenger encounters this kind of situation, fluster of avoid by all means, should have pulled gently be apart from oneself the seat is the closest set go up in the head, do not catch chaos to grab in disorder, do not cross a seat to play neighbour especially, lest drag,break oxygen therapy canal. Remember even additionally, should prevenient others is helped again after wearing his veil.
Airjacket airjacket is the lifesaving things that the plane uses when maritime crash, park the lower part of every seat, when once need,be being used, need to sit only be present upper part bows stretch one's hand draw out take, also do not take neighbour, lest produce a disorder. Airjacket design is one-time, when not was necessary to use, avoid by all means is taken out and aerate, of course, cannot carry an engine room more.
Exit exit is a plane the exit of the passenger on scattered after the ground beyond the airport or surface crash machine. There is apparent number on the door, its handle is red. Exit once open, can have area of a join (or surface) slideway spreads out automatically and aerate. So, below normal circumstance, it is no matter the ground still is in sky, exit does not allow to open. Remember please at the same time, all gules handle on machine are concerned with safety with pushbutton, do not press at will please pigheaded.
Aerate when slideway is using slide, ying Xianzhai drops the hard ornamental such as hairpin, watch, breastpin, take off shoe, forward capriole carries leg, contact slideway with hip, borrow inertial glide. Avoid by all means sits in slip mouth downward loiter or double foot stand glide.
The equipment on these machine matters to above the life of every passenger is safe, passengers should learn to use them correctly below emergency not only, the essence when Yi Yingxue will be daily is beloved protect them, in order to assure the safety performance of these equipment.

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